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Hey Nonna! What’s for Dinner?

Photo Credit: Glen DiCrocco

[New York] If one Nonna can take five ingredients and create a meal, what can five regional Nonnas create?

A menu.

The best recipes, handed down from generation to generation from five regions in Italy, are being served randomly at Enoteca Maria, a restaurant on Staten Island, New York.

There is no head chef. There are no set menus. It’s up to the Nonnas to decide what’s for dinner. Meals are made with love, ingenuity and whatever’s in the fridge.

To bring customers the freshest ingredients possible, the Nonna’s are provided with an abundance of fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables grown from the neighboring biodynamic garden, nurtured by Enoteca’s proprietor, Joe Scaravella.

The Nonnas, which alternate every night, come from Casola, Napoli; Marcianise, Napoli; San Giuseppe Iato, Sicilia; Milano, Lombardia; Salerno, Campania; Chieti, Abruzzo; and Agrigento, Sicilia. They have no problem cooking for the masses – they’ve been trained in ‘Family Style’ by cooking for their own families through the years. Elegant wine pairings accompany every menu.

For more information visit the Enoteca Maria website.

by Nancy S. Mure

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